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NutraFix® is an innovative and patented fertilizer product formulated to restore micronutrient availability to perennial rangeland plants and to increase soil organic matter by promoting the growth of long-lived and deep-rooted perennial grasses. Through natural soil-based (edaphic) processes, nutrient additions are further cycled and enhanced by soil microorganisms, fungi, and insects, allowing late-successional plant life to thrive while outcompeting early successional weeds intolerant of the nutrient-rich soil solution. The Edaphix™ discovery is that by promoting micronutrient fertility in nutrient-depleted soil, plant succession can be accelerated, resulting in rapid increases in vigor and density of desirable plants. Secondary benefits include augmented infiltration caused by improved granular soil structure, leading to diminished runoff and increased soil water content. In companion, improved soil biological activity increases levels of dissolved organic carbon, fueling further microbial activity and mobilization of nutrients, thereby, restarting the near-dormant process of soil-building and nutrient cycling in unhealthy soil. Degraded and low-productivity soil may be caused by many factors, including, but not limited to, climate change, overgrazing, fire, floods, and development. Natural soil-building processes commonly require hundreds, if not thousands, of years to develop an inch of soil. Waiting for natural soil renewal and rebuilding is beyond human time scales. NutraFix represents a new tool in the land manager and grassland health practitioner toolbox for empowering natural soil processes that lead to healthy soil and healthy perennial vegetation communities.


NutraFix is a specially formulated and patented soil amendment made with naturally occurring, organic micronutrient fertilizers. Used to promote the growth of desirable perennial vegetation, and reduce wildland fire hazards. NutraFix can be applied wet or dry, with or without seed. 


Wildfire fuel reduction

Allowing native perennial bunchgrasses to outcompete annual grasses such as cheatgrass, which is implicated in accelerating fire intensity and frequency.


Creates healthy soil

Promotes development of deep-rooted and long-lived perennial plants that capture and store atmospheric carbon dioxide by increasing soil organic matter.

Image by Anukrati Omar

Promotes the growth of native vegetation

Increases growth of common rangeland grasses important to wildlife and livestock, such as bluebunch wheatgrass, western wheatgrass and Idaho fescue by improving overall plant health.

NutraFix mimics natural processes that invigorate soil rhizosphere processes and biogeochemical nutrient cycling by providing essential minerals and reducing abiotic stresses through improved water infiltration and soil structure development by mobilization of dissolved organic carbon.


Products are non-synthetic and derived from naturally occurring minerals.

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