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 Introducing the innovative new approach to improve soil health and growth of desirable vegetation on public lands, rangeland, highway right-of-ways, landfill caps and restoration projects. 

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NutraFix™ is a specially formulated and patented soil amendment made with naturally occurring, organic micronutrient fertilizers. Used to promote the growth of desirable perennial vegetation, and reduce wildland fire hazards. Can be applied wet or dry, with or without seed.  

Image by John Kakuk


  • NutraFix increases the growth of common perennial rangeland grasses important to wildlife and livestock, such as bluebunch wheatgrass, western wheatgrass, and Idaho fescue. 

  • NutraFix decreases wildfire hazard by allowing native perennial grasses to outcompete annual grasses such as cheatgrass, which is implicated in accelerating fire intensity and frequency.

  • NutraFix promotes the development of deep-rooted and long-lived perennial plants that capture and store atmospheric carbon dioxide by increasing soil organic matter.

  • NutraFix mimics natural processes that invigorate the soil rhizosphere and biogeochemical nutrient cycling by providing essential minerals.

  • NutraFix improves soil health to reduce abiotic plant stress through improved infiltration and promotes soil structure development by mobilization of dissolved organic carbon from perennial plant root exudates.

  • NutraFix products are non-synthetic and derived from naturally occurring minerals and poultry manure.

  • NutraFix products are long-lasting and easy to apply using conventional spreaders and sprayers.

  • NutraFix products are packaged in 50 & 2,000 lb bags for easy shipping and application. Stay tuned for our amazing fast-acting liquid version.


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